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July 18, 2007



yay first post woo hoo.


Hey all, thought I would stop by since eliath finally gave me the site info :)


Figured since i don't do anything at work anyways I'd stop by and say boo.


*boo back*

My FORTRAN program is screwed up at work :( yes I use FORTRAN.
-Sparty! who are you bringing this weekend? Resplendent?


Hi Eliath, you posted to the tA forums =) I'll try to catch you in-game to chat more about how we can work together. Hope to see you soon ~


Hey I made it and what a long journey it was.. Anyway, thank you Eliath for making the posting and I will be getting back to you tonight around 9:45 st July25, 07. we can jump on vent to discuss things further...


I heard there were cookies and cheesecake here






where's eli's pics??
Hi all btw
bye all :P


Buwahaha! It's at the same place where the cookies and cheesecake are...

*mmmph* stuffing my mouth..


I just want to say... Excellent work on clearing Karazhan earlier folks :p.

And Eli's pics are somewhere at the blog, just gotta look hard.


You should probably update the raid status now that we killed all the bosses.


And done. Work today was productive so woot. Kinda just waiting for me prof now..


Hello everyone, I will not be able to make the upcoming Kara. raid August 10-11. I will be house sitting without a computer until Tuesday.


i won't be able to make friday's (10/08/07) kara run. i'll be there on saturday. :p sry about that.


I'm Available for kara that weekend.


Hey everyone =) I know only the veteran Silent Watchers will remember me but I send all of you my love.



Mora!!!omg I miss you :( you were gone when I came back.. come back on a new acc!


MORA !!!!! sup buddy... you should come back !!!!


hahah I want to come back just to play with you guys but I've been done with WoW for a while now. But if any of you are going to be playing WAR I will get to see you there =)

Hows it been since I quit? I'm glad to see you guys are under the Silent Watchers again =) It was easier to find. haha


Hey peeps check this out and let me know if your interested in it or if you love the layout of this blog site better :P



After much deliberation, I have decided to stop playing WOW. I have found that I'm playing too much, and when i'm not playing all I wanna do is play. My wife is seriously upset about how things are going down and I don't think I can afford a divorce right now (jk). I am a very goal oriented person and this game just feeds my addiction and gives me endless hours of things to do. I am going to take my drive in another direction and try to live my life outside to the fullest.

I can't say how much I've loved playing this game with everyone, and I am going to miss you all immensely. Sparty and Knichi, I got you hooked on this game and I've enjoyed every minute of playing with you guys. Bel, Missy, Eth I have known you and played with you at one time or another since I first came to Draenor. Whisper, Brennor, Arinna, Alikari, Robinton, Reathla, Mumbull, Eberk, Spirithawk, and all the other RH/MG peeps, You were my home and my family for over a year and I will miss you all. My newfound guildmates Erg, Colt, Myrie, Betty, Pixma, I have enjoyed our raiding time and I am very sad that I won't be seeing you all in Gruul's and beyond.

This has been a descision a long time in the making, I have just been putting it off. When finally given an ultimadum, I decided that my RL is more important.

I hope that I didn't forget anyone and if I did i'm sorry. I may be back to play in an indeterminate amount of time. Maybe the next expansion, maybe before. It all depends on RL priorities and all that jazz.

I wish you all Good Luck and I will try to stay in touch.




Man! :( Sorry to see you leave mo *even though I'm not mentioned in the farewell* ;)

LoL good luck with real life, your job, and the family! And do hope to hear from you...


OMG. I'm sorry Eliath. I haven't seen you in a bit and just totally forgot. I knew I would forget someone :(. DOH !!!


BTW I amended my post on the guild-o-matic site to include you Eliath.

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