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July 17, 2007



I am available for this weekends raid (7/27 and 7/28). Let me know which toon and I will be there(stand if necessary).


Vlad I don't think you'd be needed. We got a full group this Friday/Saturday.


Cool, ill be on and around if you need a filler.


You can scrap Alaye from the Gruul list. He runs with TE and is saved to TE's instance. He won't be able to make it for Gruul.


erg here. i won't be able to make friday's kara run due to RL stuff. i suggest to give my place to pixma - it's a good time to try him out. good hunting and see u on saturday!


Hey everyone,

We need an update on who can make Friday's tentative 25 man group run. start time I believe is 7pm. If we can pull 8 members together, we should be good to go in our first joint effort with Elemental. Mains only, or alts who are just as well geared. No greens and half assed blues.

Please reply here or on Sparty's other site and let Bele or I know so we can get a count.




i can make Friday, 7pm. i'll be on around that time in case something does happen. :)


Hey guys,

Check out the Elemental forums for a link to sign up for the combined run on Sunday at 5:30 and for information on the run. PS. I've also posted a similar post on the Silent-Watchers.guildomatic.com site under the Guild section on the forum if you don't have access yet to the member section toss me an ingame mail and i'll fix it.

- Sparty

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